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PACLA Membership

Membership in PACLA is open to individuals whose primary role is to represent Authors and/or Illustrators and who meet the following criteria:

  1. Literary Agents: Prospective members must have at least two (2) years as a working agent, with at least ten (10) reportable deals negotiated with book publishers within a three (3) year time period, and must have been primarily responsible for publishing agreements and/or translations or performance rights in these properties. Applicants for this level of membership must submit one (1) letter of reference from an existing PACLA member in good standing to be considered.

  2. Associate Agents: This category is for those who have not yet met the above criteria. Associate Agents must have been employed at an agency for a minimum of one (1) year, and must have acted as co-agent or primary agent on at least five (5) deals within a two (2) year period. Applicants for this level of membership must provide two (2) letters of reference; one (1) letter from a full-time member of their agency of employment or an existing PACLA member and one (1) letter from a member of the Canadian Publishing Industry who is not affiliated with the applicants’ agency of employment

The additional conditions must also be met:

  • Members of PACLA must pay all agreed upon dues and abide by the constitution and code of conduct

  • Members of PACLA must maintain a place of business within Canada
  • Members of PACLA may not accept any reading fees or editorial fees from their clients

  • Members of PACLA may not be employed by a publisher, other than for selling rights

PACLA reserves the right to refuse and/or grant membership to any agency or individual who may or may not qualify technically under the conditions set out above.

Download the PACLA membership application here.


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