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PACLA Code of Practice

Revised and finalized July 2016

  • All members must conduct their business lawfully.

  • No member shall represent the client of another agency, or initiate contact with the client of another agency with the intention to seek to represent their work without the consent of the other agent.

  • No member shall prevent a client from leaving an agency. If a client does leave a member agency, then that agency shall have a continuing right to full commission on contracts which the agency negotiated.

  • Member agents must pay client’s share of all earnings on clients’ work within 30 days of receipt and clearance of funds from the bank.

  • Members shall not charge clients reading fees or editorial fees.

  • All members must provide in writing details of their terms and commission to a new client. If a member agent is employed or contracted by a publisher to perform certain functions on their behalf, they must disclose this to potential new clients.

  • All members’ clients’ financial affairs are private and confidential.

  • No member may accept nondisclosed profit in connection with any transaction.

  • All members agree to respect the confidentiality of matters discussed at PACLA meetings.

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